Charter, Time Warner, AT&T, CenturyTel, Comcast

Apply as a Result of Video Competition Act


MILWAUKEE, WI – Five Wisconsin video service providers – Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable, AT&T, CenturyTel and Comcast Cable – have applied for statewide video franchises as a result of the Video Competition Act (VCA), and AT&T already received approval for its franchise from the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions last week.


“Three months ago, Wisconsin consumers had about as many choices for cable service as they had thumbs on their right hand,” said Thad Nation, Executive Director of TV4US Wisconsin.  “But with the passage of the Video Competition Act, it’s looking more and more likely that cable subscribers will have a real choice as to who they get their service from in the near future.”


The VCA was passed last year by the Wisconsin State Legislature, and was signed into law by Governor Doyle in December.  The bill opened up Wisconsin’s cable market to competition by allowing companies to apply for statewide video franchises, eliminating the monopoly the cable companies enjoyed over service.


If the other applications are approved, Charter, Time Warner, Comcast, and CenturyTel will join AT&T in being able to provide their video services to any municipality in the state, creating a system of real competition that will lower prices, improve customer service, and lead to new and better technologies for consumers.


“It looks like the monopolistic reign of the state’s cable companies is finally coming to an end, and that news couldn’t some soon enough for Wisconsin consumers,” Nation said.  “With cable prices continuing to rise, Wisconsin residents are due for some much-needed relief.


“We look forward to additional franchise applications so consumers can take full advantage of the benefits that competition provides.”


Consumers can get involved in the TV4US Wisconsin effort by calling 800-597-4103 or through our website at:


TV4US Wisconsin is a project of TV4US.  TV4US is a non-profit organization that includes among its members a diversified group of corporations, non-profit and non-governmental organizations – representing hundreds of thousands of consumers across the country.  We are a non-profit, grassroots coalition advocating on behalf of customers who deserve competitive alternatives, leading to lower cable bills and improved service. We believe that competition will bring more choices, better customer service, and advances in technology for Wisconsin consumers.