Federal Court Issues Certification Decisions

Todays Ruling is Another Step in Complex Process

MEMPHIS, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–FedEx Ground, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp., (NYSE: FDX) reports that today the United States District Court in Indiana in the pending multi-district litigation (MDL) has issued a decision denying class certification in the Montana, Mississippi, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, South Dakota, Iowa, Virginia and Illinois cases.

The Court granted class certification for the Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, Texas, Wisconsin, Alabama, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Oregon, Indiana, West Virginia, Florida and Rhode Island cases. The state case in California was certified but a nationwide Family Medical Leave Act claim filed there was denied certification.

Todays decision was a procedural ruling. It does not determine the proper classification of contractors nor does it have any impact on the companys contractor model or operating agreement.

FedEx Ground is proud to be associated with nearly 15,000 owner-operator contractors, all of whom made the decision to be self-sufficient, to be their own boss and to control their professional success, said Maury Lane, FedEx Corp. spokesperson. Their right to pursue independence and economic opportunity is now being threatened by efforts on behalf of a few that will jeopardize the future of the majority.

FedEx Ground believes in the American right to work for oneself and is committed to defending the freedom of the 15,000 independent contractors to make their own professional and business decisions. This court decision will not affect FedEx Grounds ability to serve its customers in the world-class manner they have come to expect.

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