Didion Ethanol takes steps to exceed environmental standards

CAMBRIA – Company officials at Didion Ethanol are hopeful to begin producing bio fuel at what will be the state’s most state-of-the-art production facility sometime next month.


As the comment period winds down for one of the final permits needed to start producing, Didion Ethanol has decided to take the voluntary step of committing to a higher standard for the water they plan to recycle back to the local watershed.


“We’re committed to doing our part to exceed the environmental standards in place for bio fuel production facilities,” said John Didion, CEO of Didion Ethanol. “That commitment has led us to the decision to set voluntary limits on the temperature of the water we plan to recycle back into our local watershed.”


Earlier this month Didion Ethanol announced the addition of Dan Ketter as the newly appointed environmental compliance manager. During a review of the company’s procedures, officials discovered that a member of the Didion team failed to meet the level of standards the company has set for compliance. 


As a result of that review, the employee has been terminated and Didion Ethanol has taken the additional step of seeking an impartial third party organization to step into the situation and work with Didion team members, assuring they live up to the standards Didion has in place as a company and community member. “We’re committed to exceeding the environmental standards set by the state,” said Didion.


“While the news of our employees’ non-compliance with the standards we’ve set as a company was certainly disappointing, we’ve taken the steps necessary to not only reconcile the situation, but expand upon our level of compliance.  By working closely with state regulators, our team of environmental compliance professionals, and now an independent third party panel of experts, we can assure not only our neighbors in Cambria, but the Wisconsin community as a whole that we’re committed to building a world class bio fuel production facility capable of exceeded not only the regulations in place but the expectations of our friends and neighbors.”


Didion is a family owned operation with more than 160 employees and four locations in Wisconsin. For more than 100 years the Didion family of companies has been an employer and innovator is Wisconsin’s Agricultural community.


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