Delightful Watergardens: Making rainwater reuse beautiful – no rain barrels here!


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October14, 2008 – Pewaukee, WI – Delightful Watergardens has begun to create a new watergarden with Aquascape Inc’s Rain Water Harvesting system at their home office location. Making Rainwater Reuse Beautiful- no rain barrels here! Rain water harvesting will particularly help their property since half of it is in a flood plain.

According to the EPA 45% of our river and stream miles are not fit for fishing and swimming partly from urban runoff. By capturing and slowing it down we’re stopping this unfortunate cycle and along the way we have a great free source of water. Aquascape Inc created the Rainwater Harvesting System which is a self-sustaining natural environment that captures, filters and reuses rainwater. The innovative system collects the rainwater runoff from the roof and carries it into the basin/reservoir for the water garden feature, reducing the amount of water and pollutants entering the overburdened storm system. It also provides a sustainable method for watering your garden or lawn, a clean water source for wildlife and the additional beauty and serenity of the sounds of water.

Delightful Watergardens will install the first-ever Rain Water Harvesting System in Wisconsin. It will consist of 2 streams/waterfalls that flow into a 22x 38 pond and then flows into a basin where the water is joined by storm water runoff from the roof. The water goes through a biological filtration process before being re-circulated back over the BioFalls® Filters. Each waterfall descends into an ecosystem pond where the water is further filtered through aquatic plants before winding its way back into the basin.

“Creating Waterfalls and ponds are my passion and I am so excited to make them even more Eco-friendly than before!” said Krista Hull, owner of Delightful Watergardens. Delightful Watergardens is a Certified Aquascape Contractor (CAC). Certified Aquascape Contractors are the most qualified and informed pond installers in the water gardening industry. See for the details. As Kim Pierce of Milwaukee said “Krista knows ponds! She has an excellent work ethic and takes extreme pride in the job that she does to ensure complete & fair customer satisfaction. I highly recommend her & her company to anyone who is looking for a backyard water paradise.”

For more information on, Delightful Watergardens ecosystem-friendly water gardening log onto or call 262-695-9644.