Data Dimensions Embraces Change, Launching a New Identity

As part of a rebranding effort, Data Dimensions officially adopts the tagline, ‘Driven by people, powered by technology(R),’ a new logo design, and website redesign.

JANESVILLE, Wis., March 12 /PRNewswire/ — Data Dimensions Corporation announced today the launch of a new identity with the official adoption of the tagline, “Driven by people, powered by technology(R),” a new logo, and complete redesign of its website,

In announcing the updated identity, Data Dimensions’ President, Jon Boumstein, stated, “One requirement in the ever-changing world of technology is a willingness to let go of the familiar and forge into new territory. Our updated logo reflects our drive and willingness to always move forward. We are proud of our new logo and tagline and want our clients to know that our new look symbolizes our willingness to continue moving forward in quality, reliability, innovation, and technology, helping them to succeed.”

Mark Bush, Chairman, is a firm believer in the strategic rebranding initiative, stating, “The launch of our new identity clearly reflects our drive to continually reinvent our company and our new tagline says it all — “Driven by people, powered by technology(R).” The best of the best are involved at all levels in our company. That is what has made us successful for the past 25 years and will keep us ahead of our competition the next 25 years. Clearly in our industry, intellectual assets — our employees — are the lifeline that creates, deploys, and drives new technology.”

About Data Dimensions

For over 25 years, Data Dimensions has been an innovative leader in the area of business process outsourcing (BPO) services, providing complete imaging and storage retrieval services, converting paper structured forms (e.g. insurance and medical claim forms, dental bills, loan applications, H.R. forms, and surveys) or unstructured hardcopy documents (e.g. drawings, diagrams, and x-rays) into electronic documents through various forms of document capture services. In addition, Data Dimensions offers hardcopy and electronic storage and retrieval, medical records retrieval services, and digital voice recording and retrieval services.

Data Dimensions’ solutions are customized and enable clients to streamline processes, reduce or eliminate manual processes, reduce costs, and reduce risk, while enabling them the ability to concentrate on their core competencies.

For more information and a complete listing of services, visit; email [email protected], or call 800-782-2907.

Data Dimensions — Driven by people, powered by technology(R)