Dane County Regional Airport Secures $9.2 Million in Federal Funds for Improvement

Dane County Regional Airport, Madison, has been awarded $9.2 million in Federal Aviation Administration Airport Improvement Funds to acquire equipment, make airfield improvements, and enhance environmental remediation of aircraft de-icing fluids.


While nearly $5 million of the total amount were entitlement funds, more than $4.2 million were discretionary funds for which the airport must compete with airports across the country.


“This is a worthwhile investment of federal dollars in an important asset to the people and economy of south central Wisconsin,” said Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin.


Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk said the airport and county have been aggressive in seeking out federal funds for airport improvement projects. “We constantly seek to keep our airport top notch for the over 5,500 travelers who use it each day and for the many businesses who rely on air service to and from our communities,” said Falk.


Bradley Livingston, AAE, airport director, said primary use of the funds, will be to:


oRelocate, expand and improve the system that holds and treats glycol contaminated storm water on the ramp surface, which results from aircraft deicing. Increased ramp surface contributed to the need for this project. (On the airfield itself, the airport uses environmentally friendly potassium acetate which, through aeration, breaks down into natural elements.)

oInstall paved shoulders on Taxiway C, a main east-west taxiway.

oReplace an electrical vault to better meet current safety and electrical codes.


The projects are 95 percent federally funded. The State of Wisconsin and airport funds provide the remaining 5 percent, with contributions of $460,000 each.



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