CricketToes: New cultural blog offers affordable advertising to independent artists

Milwaukee-based CricketToes invites artists, musicians and writers to advertise and market their work without starving.

Milwaukee, WI – September 18, 2008 – It’s no secret that independent artists often have a hard time getting noticed, no matter their level of talent or chosen discipline. As independent artists themselves, Mary and Kevin Dally-Muenzmaier understand this difficult reality better than most. That’s why they’ve recently started to offer advertising space to artists at very low rates on their new cultural blog CricketToes.

“We’re artists,” says Mary. “That’s who and what we are, and we wouldn’t choose to be anything else, but the truth is that it’s a tough road to travel. The very nature of being an independent artist means you have to do the work to grow your audience because no one is going to do it for you. That said, the true beauty of independence is that you have complete control over your work and your image, and that’s what many artists want to be able to maintain. If we can help other independent artists get the word out about their work and in a way they can afford, then we’re happy to do it.”

Independent artists, musicians and writers can arrange for advertising on CricketToes for just $5.00 per week. Those opting to advertise for five weeks or more are given discounts that reduce the weekly rate substantially. Complete details, including terms and conditions, are available at

With a focus on food, drink, culture and art in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and around the world, CricketToes was launched on July 23, 2008 and has seen a steady rise in readership. Mary and Kevin Dally-Muenzmaier are co-owners of Cerebral Bends Productions LLP, a creative services company that also encompasses their individual and collaborative artistic endeavors.

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