January 31, 2008

Dallas, TX – Cornerworld Corp. (OTCBB: CWRL – News) announced today

that it has signed a letter of intent to purchase Sway Inc. (, a

social media marketing company that sells sophisticated digital media tools to leading

advertisers. Sway products enable central control for administering marketing campaigns

across numerous platforms.

“Sway has pioneered the technology that helps top brands build their social networks,”

said Scott Beck, Cornerworld CEO. “The Sway team’s expertise will help all creators

with brand management, and market building.”

Sway’s flagship product, Shoutlet® (, the comprehensive social

media marketing tool that allows content distribution across multiple Web 2.0 platforms,

is used by Sway to distribute campaigns for leading companies including eBay, Sara Lee,

and Remington. It provides its customers with real-time results tracking and is an easyto-

use solution for professional campaign administration. The platform includes HTML

e-mail, podcasts, video syndication, RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and SMS mobile

phone text messaging.

Sway offers service and consulting in addition to its licensing. The company designs and

executes precision campaigns for global brands that reach and engage their target

audiences such as Wrigley and Miller Brewing.

“Gone are the days of banner ads and sponsored text links. Internet users demand a more

interactive experience with advertisers. Sway’s tools deliver relevant, engaging content to

social communities while simultaneously providing effective brand engagement for

advertisers.” said Jason Weaver, Sway CEO.


Pursuant to the terms of the Letter of intent Cornerworld would acquire 100% of Sway

for $30 million through a combination of cash and Cornerworld Corporation stock. The

transaction is subject to execution of definitive agreements and there is no assurance that

the transaction will be consummated.

About CornerWorld Corp.

Cornerworld is a free, groundbreaking business management and social networking

platform that empowers independent content creators to share and profit from their skill,

offering a mash-up of the best Web 2.0 Building from the lessons and success of its

predecessor,, Cornerworld offers free “business manager” services for

anyone with sellable content. From comedians to candidates, musicians, models and

movie-makers, Cornerworld is committed to celebrating individuality and fostering

creation in an intuitive, trusted, grassroots environment. Cornerworld adds live video

feeds and capture to enhance the social networking aspects of content sharing, and inserts

new functionality that displays, rates and encourages interaction. Cornerworld is easy to

visit and free to join in four levels of membership: amateurs, rated amateurs, instant

professionals and professionals. For more information, visit

About Sway Inc.

Sway, Inc. is a leading social media marketing company with offices in Madison, Wis.

Founded in 2004, Sway executes highly targeted online marketing campaigns using Web

2.0 marketing tools such as HTML email, Podcasts, Really Simple Syndication (RSS),

and Mobile Phone SMS text messaging. Sway’s proprietary online tools help companies

reach their target audiences distribute content and measure results online. More

information is available at