Corn Seed Treatment to Repel Cranes Approved

NEW CASTLE, Del., Feb. 14 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Arkion(R) Life Sciences LLC has again received Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval to use Avitec in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan to protect corn seed from deprivation by cranes. Texas is joining these Midwestern states in granting approval to help Texas farmers avoid damage to their corn crop. South Dakota also is expected to grant emergency approval this year to use Avitec to protect corn from pheasant damage.

Avitec is a new type of environmentally friendly bird repellent product that doesn’t harm birds. If birds attempt to ingest corn seeds treated with Avitec, they quickly experience a digestive reaction and will begin avoiding them. Cranes, however, remain in the treated fields consuming other undesirable pests without damaging the corn crop.

Cranes were designated a protected species after nearly being wiped out several decades ago. Now that their numbers are increasing they have become a problem, consuming enough corn seeds to significantly reduce corn yield on affected acreage. Avitec is the only approved corn treatment that’s effective against cranes. According to Ken Ballinger, Vice President for Arkion(R) Life Sciences, application of Avitec last year saved thousands of acres of corn from loss to cranes. In addition to Avitec powder, a new liquid formulation of the product is now available to seed treatment companies for pretreatment of corn seed prior to planting. The added convenience of the liquid formulation will make the use of Avitec more effective in protecting the corn crop without harming cranes. For more information on the availability of Avitec, please call Arkion(R) at 1-800-468-6324.

Matt Sunseri of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture will lead the regulatory oversight effort in Wisconsin. Michael Braverman of the IR-4 Project at Rutgers University continues to conduct crop trials and collect data necessary to receive final approval from the EPA. Jeb Barzen, Wildlife Biologist for the International Crane Foundation, coordinates the collaboration between regulators at the EPA, various state governmental agencies, and corn grower and conservation organizations involved in the launch of this innovative product.

Arkion(R) Life Sciences LLC, based in New Castle, Delaware, is a technology-based company leading in the discovery, development and marketing of environmentally friendly compounds. Other Arkion(R) bird repellent products include Flight Control Plus(R), registered for use on turf for repelling geese and Avipel(R) to prevent roosting on buildings and structural surfaces.

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