Celebrate Earth Day with Action

Madison, Wisconsin-  In 1970, former Wisconsin Governor and Senator Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day, a day to reflect on the state of the environment and make changes to ensure a clean, healthy planet for future generations.  Clean Wisconsin, the state’s largest environmental advocacy organization, was founded on the first Earth Day and encourages individuals to celebrate Earth Day 2008 by taking small actions that have a big impact on protecting the environment.


“The future of our planet is dependent on the actions of today” said Mark Redsten, Executive Director of Clean Wisconsin.  “This Earth Day, we challenge Wisconsinites to take simple steps to preserve our land, water and air.  If everyone makes a small change, it will have a massive impact.”


Here are 5 easy actions to celebrate Earth Day and ensure future generations enjoy a bright, clean future:


  1. Switch to energy efficient light bulbs:  Energy efficient light bulbs use up to 75 percent less energy than a standard light bulb and last longer.  This helps reduce global warming pollution as well as reduce landfill.  It’s easy, reduces your electricity bill and helps the environment.


  1. Visit the Farmer’s Market: Eating fresh, locally-grown food is not only good for you, but also reduces the distance that food travels, cutting down on the greenhouse gas emissions that increase global warming.


  1. Ride a Bike: Riding a bike is a great way to get to where you need to go, enjoy the outdoors and get fit all while reducing your carbon footprint.


  1. Use Reusable Bags:  Plastic Bags are made from petroleum, decompose slowly and pollute forests, lakes, rivers and oceans.  Bringing your own canvas or cotton bag to the market is simple way to do something great for the environment.


  1. Install a Low-Flow Shower Head:  Installing a low-flow shower head can save more than one gallon of freshwater for every minute you shower.  It’s easy, and a great way to reduce your water bill and conserve this invaluable resource.


Living green doesn’t require drastically altering your lifestyle.  Celebrate Earth Day 2008 by committing to take these five easy actions, and you can significantly decrease your carbon footprint and reduce landfill.  Together, we can help ensure future generations enjoy a bright, clean future.


Clean Wisconsin, an environmental advocacy organization, protects Wisconsin’s clean water and air and advocates for clean energy by being an effective voice in the state legislature and by holding elected officials and corporations accountable.  Founded in 1970 as Wisconsin’s Environmental Decade, Clean Wisconsin exposes corporate polluters, makes sure existing environmental laws are enforced, and educates citizens and businesses. On behalf of its 10,000 members and its coalition partners, Clean Wisconsin protects the special places that make Wisconsin such a wonderful place to live, work and play.  Phone: 608-251-7020, Fax: 608-251-1655, Email: [email protected], Website: www.cleanwisconsin.org.