Limited release doppelbock called “One of America’s great beers”

MIDDLETON, WI (July 10, 2008) — Autumnal Fire, a limited edition doppelbock beer from Capital Brewery, was honored by a mention in the June 16, 2008 issue of ForbesLife magazine. In his article entitled “Czech Mate: Free the Clydesdales! Cold beer you can love”, ForbesLife Senior Editor Richard Nalley listed Autumnal Fire as an example of a brew that is “complex and smooth-drinking, cold and refreshing, relatively light without abusing the privilege.”

In a sidebar to that article, called “The Lager List”, Nalley—who routinely writes about wine and spirits—described Autumnal Fire as “One of America’s great beers; a sensational, rich, satiny-textured doppelbock style with an elegant balance.”

“We’re very pleased to have been mentioned in this article, because Autumnal Fire is one of our most unique and popular beers,” said Kirby Nelson, Brewmaster at Capital Brewery. “It combines the strength of a doppelbock with the personality of the Octoberfest, or marzen, style of beer. The result is a gorgeous dark amber hue with a huge depth of malt complexity. I know of no other marzen doppelbock on the market today. Our customers wait for it every year.”

First brewed in 1997, Autumnal Fire has won numerous awards, including five gold medals from the Beverage Testing Institute World Beer Championships.

Capital Brewery Company, Inc. is a publicly held company based in Middleton, Wisconsin. It brews eight annual, four seasonal and between two and four limited release beers amounting to 23,000 barrels a year. In November 1998, it was named the top brewery in America by the Beverage Tasting Institute of America, an independent panel of international beer experts.