Alliant Energy Foundation provides $5,000 flood assistance grant to the Janesville Performing Arts Center

Media Contact: Scott Reigstad (608) 458-3145

Dollars coming from Foundation’s Rebuilding Our Communities Grant Program

MADISON, WI – September 11, 2008 – Friday the 13th was not the best of days for the Janesville Performing Arts Center. The Rock River was rising on that June day and soon the sub-basement of the Center became flooded with water that traveled through old drainage systems. Soon after, the main firewall was damaged beyond repair and mold became a frequent visitor.

Equally as challenging was the fact that production of “The Frogs” was set to open on Thursday, June 19 and the Rock River had not crested yet. People were understandably staying away from the downtown and audiences for the event were down significantly – as much as 50 percent – due to the limited downtown access. Between the flood damage and ticket revenue losses, the Janesville Performing Arts Center took a considerable financial hit due to the flooding.

Now, thanks to $5,000 grant from the Alliant Energy Foundation, the Janesville Performing Arts Center will be able to offset a large portion of their flood damage repair cost and affiliated lost revenues. The dollars are coming from the Foundation’s Rebuilding Our Communities Grant Program. The program was established to provide unrestricted grants to help non-profit groups throughout Alliant Energy’s utility service territory with recovery from this summer’s flooding.

“The Janesville Performing Arts Center serves 15 local arts organizations and it is an important cultural venue in the city’s downtown,” said Marthea Fox, Alliant Energy Foundation Executive Director. “The Alliant Energy Foundation wants to help the Center through this tough time so that they can continue to serve the community well into the future.”

The Center is planning future events to bring more people back downtown to enjoy a show and to raise additional dollars to help out with the losses incurred from the flooding, all while continuing to move ahead with repairs to their building.

“The Performing Arts Center has been a place of entertainment and escape for people during challenging times in Janesville ,” said Laurel Canan, the Center’s Executive Director. “We are very thankful for the grant from the Alliant Energy Foundation to assist us getting back to our normal operations and to continue bringing performances to the area.”

The Alliant Energy Foundation’s Rebuilding Our Communities Grant Program was created in response to the extensive flooding across Alliant Energy’s utility service territory in Wisconsin , Iowa and Minnesota . The Foundation has allocated $1 million for the program and non-profit groups can apply through October 1st for $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 or $20,000 unrestricted flood recovery grants. Funds are to be used to help non-profits resume or maintain operations.

Non-profit groups can request funds by submitting a brief application form explaining their need and the population they serve that was affected by the flooding. A determination of grant eligibility will be made within 14 days of submission.

To be eligible, an organization must be a registered non-profit organization as defined by Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Service Code. Organizations are encouraged to review eligibility guidelines before applying. Government entities (i.e. schools and public libraries) are not eligible for this program.

Over the past ten years, the Alliant Energy Foundation has contributed more than $26 million across the Alliant Energy utility service territory to projects and organizations through a variety of programs and worthwhile initiatives. To learn more about the Foundation and its Rebuilding Our Communities Grant Program, please visit; or request an application from the Foundation office by calling (608) 458-4483.

The Alliant Energy Foundation is a philanthropic organization created by Alliant Energy Corp. and is operated as a separate entity led by its own board of directors. The Foundation is committed to making a positive difference in the communities where Alliant Energy employees, retirees and customers live and work. The Foundation, which is funded solely by the Alliant Energy shareowners, seeks to further the corporation’s goal of being a good corporate citizen and contributing member of society.