Advanced Smart Drive Solution Launched by DoxNow

Personal, portable product with easy to use document management software now available

WAUSAU, Wis., Feb. 6 /PRNewswire/ — DoxNow, LLC, specializing in the development and distribution of document management software applications, announces the launch of DoxNow, a smart drive with customized indexing and searching software. The DoxNow design and engineering team consists of the same team behind the development of one of America’s leading payment processing company’s secure processing and management of more than 14 billion remittance, and item and image related payments annually.


The DoxNow smart drive is designed for the consumer to easily scan, import, index and retrieve documents. Its customizable document management software allows the user to create specific indexes for each file. That — in combination with customizable search parameters — gives users quick access to their DoxNow documents. “A smart drive is useless if you can’t find what you’re looking for. DoxNow is an affordable personal document management system that has advanced indexing and search functions the user can customize based on what makes sense to them,” explains DoxNow company representative Mike Abel.

DoxNow is a plug and play USB drive that integrates with, but is not dependent upon, the host computer’s software. Documents can be viewed within the DoxNow application regardless of the host computer’s available software. In addition, 128 bits of encryption security prevents documents from being left behind on the host computer for others to access.

DoxNow is available in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB, and fits in the palm of one’s hand. Users can scan documents or import them from their PC, as well as export files. DoxNow comes equipped with a series of default folders, sub folders and indexes designed for personal use and allows users to create their own DoxNow electronic folders, sub folders and indexes.

DoxNow will be marketed nationwide through e-commerce solutions, e-commerce affiliate programs, in retail stores, and on college campuses. DoxNow will offer periodic upgrades to the document management device that can be downloaded from

About DoxNow, LLC

DoxNow, LLC, is a high technology company that develops and implements document management software solutions for commercial and personal audiences. The DoxNow flash drive product is a proprietary software set developed by engineers at the DoxNow laboratories in Wausau, Wisconsin.