Adaptive Micro Systems: New LED digital display design provides price point breakthrough

Adaptive’s EzView™ modular series offers industry-leading combination of value and performance for on-premise outdoor digital advertising applications

MILWAUKEE, WIS. (November 11, 2008) – Adaptive Micro Systems LLC is announcing the release of the first models in its EzView™ Modular Series of outdoor LED digital signage products. EzView expands upon the latest generation of Excite™ electronic message center and MEDIAMaster™ billboards, and builds upon the legacy of Adaptive’s highly successful AlphaEclipse™, Excite™, StreetSmart™, and RoadStar™ families. At the same time, it offers a completely new combination of the latest streamlined electronics and an amazingly low price point.

“Adaptive prides itself on meeting customer needs,” says Richard Johnson, President of Adaptive Micro Systems. “Today’s EMC users are more value-conscious than ever, but their definition of value goes beyond the initial price – they need an energy-efficient, durable product that will enable them to take full advantage of the opportunities for increased revenue that digital signage has been proven to deliver.

“With that in mind,” Johnson continues, “our engineering team has developed an innovative product that takes the best of new high-performance electronic technologies and delivers a leaner but stronger unit. We back this up with our commitment to setting the standard in our industry for short lead times, reliability and end user convenience.”

The first products available in the EzView line will be 20mm full color and 20mm and 23mm monochrome (red/amber) units, which can now be ordered through Adaptive’s Authorized Dealer network for shipment beginning in December of 2008. Dealers can be located by calling Adaptive at 800-558-7022.

EzView modular displays are available in a specific range of popular sizes from 1’ x 3’ to 4’ x 12’, hitting the “sweet spot” of the outdoor EMC market. Combining the best elements from Adaptive’s well-known Excite, StreetSmart and large character RoadStar series, the EzView line still succeeds in forging a completely new presence in the outdoor LED display market. Adaptive’s worldwide parts sourcing and manufacturing facilities enable the EzView line to hit price points never before attained in the industry for a product of this quality.

“A base palette of 16.7 million exciting colors on the RGB unit and 4,068 shades on our mono units, along with an embedded controller, wired or wireless Ethernet connectivity and a completely reworked Ooh!Media™ content creation and scheduling software application make it easy to achieve that ‘WOW’ factor customers are looking for these days,” notes Johnson. “Of course with Adaptive, you will also receive our expert dealer/partner technical service support to make sure you are using your EzView digital sign to your maximum advantage as a communications tool.”

In addition, EzView modular solutions are meant to be enduring values. The innovative Protector™ case virtually eliminates contamination by rain, ice, salt fog and dust. There are no vents to clean or fan filters to change. For added servicing convenience, low-voltage SmartPanels™ allow quick, easy replacement of digital drivers from the front of the unit. “Our combination of design simplicity and enclosure integrity enables the EzView™ Series to meet the most stringent certifications in the industry, including ETL/UL 60950-1 and military standards for weatherability,” says Johnson.

“Any way you look at it, EzView is an excellent display investment and a terrific business-builder for our end users and our dealers,” concludes Johnson. “Of course, our other solutions will have their place. For large character displays, RoadStar™ continues to perform strongly. Our MEDIAMaster billboards fit the requirements for very large scale advertising applications. But it’s easy to see that the this newest addition to Adaptive’s evergrowing family of digital signs sets a new standard for value in outdoor digital on and off-premise sign advertising, putting one of today’s most dynamic advertising mediums into the hands of many more users than ever before.”

About Adaptive Micro Systems LLC

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Adaptive Micro Systems is a leading supplier of indoor and outdoor programmable LED electronic display systems. The ALPHA brand is the defacto industry standard for multiple indoor applications as diverse as state lotteries and manufacturing automation displays. Adaptive’s Excite and MEDIAMaster brands are fast becoming the popular choice for any outdoor digital display need from commercial advertising to integrated transportation information systems. Founded in 1978, Adaptive leverages its US, Malaysian and European manufacturing, sales and service capabilities to provide high-value solutions and world-class customer support. For more information on Adaptive products or how to become an Adaptive Authorized Dealer, visit or contact the company at 800-558-7022.


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