Ace Ethanol LLC Selects Planalytics EnergyBuyer for Natural Gas Purchasing Decisions

WAYNE, Pa., Jan. 3 /PRNewswire/ — Planalytics Inc. announced today that Ace Ethanol LLC has licensed the EnergyBuyer(SM) service to help the company monitor natural gas market prices and identify when it is a good time to buy or hedge its natural gas.

“Planalytics’ always accessible web-based tool and weekly e-mail newsletters will help Ace Ethanol stay on top of a volatile market and take advantage of good buying opportunities when they arise,” said Paul Corby, Senior Vice President, Planalytics Energy. “We look forward to helping Ace successfully manage their natural gas costs, providing them with stable pricing and lower volatility.”

Planalytics EnergyBuyer continuously analyzes market conditions to provide clients with straightforward “buy” or “don’t buy” guidance up to a year in advance. The EnergyBuyer’s suggestions are derived from a combination of variables that include market fundamentals, technical analysis, future weather conditions and market trading factors that impact prices on both the Nymex and Globex platforms. The EnergyBuyer enables clients to be proactive in their decision making — reducing both volatility and costs — in a market dominated by speculators.

Planalytics EnergyBuyer is easily incorporated into a variety of energy purchasing and risk management programs bringing benefits to companies that make decisions each day to those that make just a handful of decisions a year. Clients include companies that utilize financial instruments (futures, swaps, etc.) and companies that only purchase the physical commodity. The EnergyBuyer is used by companies that have “policy or programmatic” buying programs as well as those seeking guidance for discretionary purchases.

About Ace Ethanol

Ace Ethanol ( operates a dry mill ethanol production facility in Stanley, Wisconsin. The plant mills 15 million bushels of corn, producing 120 thousand gallons of ethanol per day.

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