ACCE Selects Regional Sustainable Development Fellows

Thrive executive awarded unique, year-long fellowship

Madison, WI–Rafael Carbonell, Executive Vice President of Thrive, the economic development enterprise for the Madison, Wisconsin Region, has been selected as a Fellow in the Ford Foundation Regional Sustainable Development Program, administered by the American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE). Fellows, who represent diverse communities and personal backgrounds, were chosen from a pool of distinguished and talented candidates of almost double the number of applications for the available openings.

“We are pleased that Rafael will participate in the Fellowship,” says ACCE President Mick Fleming. “Professionals like Rafael are in a unique position to convene, lead, and facilitate regional approaches to economic development and entrepreneurship, as they are the connectors between the business community, public sector, and ordinary citizens.

ACCE has selected a total of 50 business-civic leaders to participate in its Regional Sustainable Development (RSD) Fellowship, funded by the Ford Foundation. Beginning this fall, Fellows will meet in smaller groups, or cohorts, to learn about the key concepts, policies and practices that support regional approaches to creating long-term, competitive economies.

About the Fellowship

The Fellowship is a unique, 12-month program for regional leaders who build communities and economies. ACCE and FutureWorks, a research consulting firm, are again partnering in this initiative, with the assistance of the Alliance for Regional Stewardship and The Citistates Group. Primarily through three in-person meetings, the Fellowship provides hands-on training, peer knowledge exchange, research, and examination of working models covering a wide range of growth and sustainability issues. These issues include infrastructure, immigration, land use, housing, education, environment, and social inclusion. During the course of the Fellowship, each participant crafts a “regional action plan” that outlines strategies to tackle a specific regional challenge to sustainable economic growth and prosperity.

About the Ford Foundation

The 2008-2009 program represents the second year that the Ford Foundation, headquartered in New York, has funded the Fellowship. Over the Foundation’s 70-year history, over $15 billion in funding distributed world-wide has supported programs related to asset building and community development; peace and social justice; and knowledge, creativity and freedom.

About the American Chamber of Commerce of Commerce Executives

Established in 1914, ACCE represents more than 6,000 professionals throughout the U.S. and Canada. ACCE enhances the knowledge, leadership skills, and management effectiveness of chamber executives and their staffs through education, trend analysis, benchmarking, and best practices.

About Thrive

Thrive represents the eight-county Madison, Wisconsin Region with the vision to grow the region’s economy in ways that preserve and enhance the quality of life.

For further information contact Jennifer Smith, Communications Specialist, Thrive

608-443-1961 or [email protected]