Wisconsin Launches Renewable Tracking System

System to help region meet renewable energy standards

MADISON, WI – This month, the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC) and several

stakeholders implemented the web-based Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System (MRETS).

The market-based system will help keep the costs of renewable energy down and will

encourage more renewable energy development throughout the upper Midwest.

The purpose of M-RETS is to help participants meet their renewable energy standards and

objectives. M-RETS supports a regional trading market – ultimately helping the region to rely

less on imported fossil fuels and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It also promotes trading

credits with neighboring jurisdictions in the region to help meet policy requirements.

Registration is now open for power generators, utilities, marketers, and qualified reporting

entities wishing to participate in the M-RETS market at www.m-rets.com.

Five jurisdictions in the Upper Midwest, including Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota,

and the province of Manitoba, currently have policies requiring or encouraging the development

and use of renewable resources. M-RETS is now able to offer a tool for these jurisdictions to

collect data on renewable energy production and provide a mechanism for monitoring their

respective goals – helping Wisconsin meet Governor Doyle’s challenge to provide 25% of the

state’s energy from renewables by the year 2025. Several other states and provinces in the

region are also expected to join as the program progresses.

Background on the development of M-RETS

APX, Inc. designed and will operate the web-based system. APX Inc. is North America’s

leading technology and administration provider for environmental and energy markets. The MRETS

contract and technical recommendations were developed with extensive support from the

Great Plains Institute, on behalf of Powering the Plains and the Izaak Walton League of

America, as well as the Center for Resource Solutions. In April, PSC signed a four-year contract

with APX, Inc. to implement M-RETS. Wisconsin is proud to be taking a leadership role in such

an important milestone for the region. Because of the efforts of all these organizations,

Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota and the province of Manitoba can

continue with the implementation of M-RETS and move forward in generating and sharing

renewable energy.

For more information on the M-RETS program, visit www.merts.org or the PSC website at