WisBusiness.com: Santal Solutions Continues Success with New Product Launch

By Jennifer Thomas

MADISON – With visions of becoming a global leader in the natural care dietary supplement and cosmetic markets, Vice President of Santal Solutions LLC Dennis Torkko and the management team continue to impress with new product launch.

Santal Solutions LLC, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ayurvedic-Life international, LLC, with a focus to serve the holistic natural food and nutritional supplement markets with all-natural premium quality products that are scientifically proven and demonstrate measurable benefit to its customers.

“All–natural dietary supplements, such as our new OmSanA product, use the beneficial interaction of nature’s solutions with healthy diets,” said Torkko. “This improves the body’s ability to function effectively without chemical additives that traditional drug therapy introduces.”

The company recently launched OmSanA, a patented all-natural dietary supplement for assisting individuals in managing healthy blood sugar levels.

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, 18 million Americans have Type 2 Diabetes, while another 41 million have pre-diabetes due to obesity and other life-style problems. Some researchers estimate that the number of people in the world with diabetes will almost double by 2030 to 366 million.

“Diabetes and pre-diabetes sufferers are anxious to include dietary supplements as part of their diet and overall therapy,” said Torkko. “They spend an average of $200 dollars per year per person on dietary supplements.”

OmSanA is the only product in its category with three U.S. Patents, with foreign patents pending. In addition, OmSanA has been scientifically proven to be 200 to 700 percent more effective than similar competitor products. OmSanA’s safety and effectiveness have been validated by cellular level research and human clinical trials. Further, OmSanA creates its favorable effects at substantially lower dosage levels than competitor products.

The company recently concluded human clinical trials showing that the all-natural extract in OmSanA lowered fasting blood sugar levels after 30 days by an average of 20 percent with no adverse side effects of significance.

In other areas of the business, Santal Solutions was issued its third U.S. Patent Compositions for Diabetes Treatment and Prophylaxis on Oct. 3, 2006. The patent stands as the basis for research work being done at King’s College London. Torkko and his management team have isolated a particularly bioactive compound that helps with the human pancreatic beta cells produce insulin with out damaging the beta cells in the process.

In addition to OmSanA, Diabetes Treatment and Prophylaxis, Santal Solutions LLC has other products in the developmental pipeline including an all natural food ingredient, which significantly extends product shelf life and improves texture without changing the taste of the food product to which it is added. It is also an all-natural fungicide, bactericide and viricide.

Thomas is a student in the Department of Life Sciences Communication at the UW-Madison.