WisBusiness: Vector Surgical making strides to help treat cancer

By Derek Burgenske

MADISON – Cancer is a disease that demands the latest technologies and researchers dedicated to making constant strides toward treatments and cures. Janet Phillips, CEO of Vector Surgical, is walking at full pace.

Vector Surgical provides two breast cancer products that enhance efficiency in the operating room. The Oconomowoc company is only two years old, but is racing to make headway in the medical market.

Vector Surgical creates products that focus on improving overall safety and efficiency during surgical procedures, specifically treating cancer. The company has two products: MarginMarker and CorrectClips. Both products help surgeons, pathologists, and radiologists perform the most accurate evaluation of cancerous tissue, leading to a new higher standard of care in treating cancer patients.

MarginMarker focuses on tissue margin orientation for pathology analysis, while CorrectClips focuses on tissue margin orientation for radiological analysis.

Phillips, founder and experienced health care entrepreneur, is excited about Vector Surgical’s recent initiation of sales.

“This is a big deal for us, considering the hurdles involved with getting (medical) products to the market,” she said.

MarginMarker, a sterile tri-color inkpad, uses sponge applicators to apply ink that is used in pathology labs to identify planes directly to the tissue. Phillips and Vector Surgical’s team believe MarginMarker will save four minutes per case, and the effect it has in the clinic will cause for fewer unnecessary re-excisions and lower cancer recurrence.

CorrectClips can be described in the name: correct clips. CorrectClips come in a pack of six clips that are used to clip-on to tissue. Each clip is labeled with a radio-opaque letter to indicate the margins. The clips themselves are translucent under X-rays, and the overlapping jaws provided a secured grip. CorrectClips allows for higher efficiency in the operating room, Phillips said.

Vector Surgical is currently a very small company that will soon be looking for angel investors. “Since we have only been running for about two years now, we haven’t really been ready for investors, but we will definitely begin looking for angel investors this spring,” Phillips said.

The company’s mission is to develop innovative devices that promote the accuracy and speed of surgical procedures, thereby improving clinical outcomes and reducing costs.

“We are excited to provide our products to the best doctors who are focused on treating cancer patients. Our products make surgical procedures faster, safer, more accurate, and more efficient while saving money,” Phillips said.

Phillips and others at Vector Surgical hope to become an entrepreneurial success while helping in the fight against cancer.

“We are thrilled at the opportunity to give progressive surgeons the opportunity to use new tools that will allow them to provide the best possible care for their cancer patients,” she said. “We are excited to provide our products to the best doctors who want to fight cancer.”

For more information on Vector Surgical and its products, please visit their website, www.vectorsurgical.com