WisBusiness: Stoughton Trailers to lay off 1,100 employees

WisBusiness Staff

Stoughton Trailers has notified state and local officials that it plans to lay off more than 1,100 workers by June 22 at plants in Stoughton, Evansville and Brodhead.

The majority of the dismissals will take place in Stoughton, where 677 employees will lose their jobs. Next comes Brodhead, where 315 workers will be furloughed; and then Evansville, where 134 will be laid off.

In a letter to the state, company spokeswoman Deborah Lee said the furloughs are expected to be temporary.

Jessica Erickson, a spokeswoman for the state Workforce Development Department, said her agency would be contacting Stoughton Trailer to let officials know what services would be provided if the layoffs become permanent.

Because they are expected to be temporary, she said her agency would not respond to the furloughs.