WisBusiness: Madison circuit board company to lay off 45

By Brian E. Clark

Officials at Embedded Computing (formerly Artesyn Technologies) told 45 of its 185 Madison employees that they will lose their jobs starting in July when the company transfers all of its circuit board production for communications systems to a plant in the Philippines.

David Baldridge, a spokesman for Embedded Computing in St. Louis, said other functions of the Madison location, including administrative, engineering, marketing, sales and other non-production operations will remain.

“This difficult decision is no reflection on the Madison production employees, who have performed well for many years,” he said.

“Shifting the Madison production operations allows Embedded Computing to become more competitive and better meet customer demands,” he added.

Baldridge said Artesyn was acquired by Emerson Network Power last year. He said Embedded Computing, a division of Emerson, makes circuit boards for communications systems used in wireless, switching, signaling, optical networking and other telecommunications infrastructure applications. Emerson owns factory in the Philippines to which the jobs are being shifted.

Artesyn Technologies began business as Heurikon Corp. in 1972, Baldridge said. It began production of circuit boards in 1990. The former Artesyn Technologies is located at 8310 Excelsior Drive, Madison.