WisBusiness: Luggage Club seeks to ease travel hassles

By Amber Schultz

OSHKOSH – In an era when federal safety rules and airline economics have made packing your suitcase as much an emotional burden as a physical drain, the market may be ready for a service that can lighten the load.

The Luggage Club, Inc., a start-up based in Oshkosh, offers a new and reliable method of transporting luggage and alleviating airport headaches.

Specializing in door-to-door luggage delivery, the company will pick up almost any kind of luggage from your home or office and ship it to your travel destination of choice.

“I was on vacation with my wife and another couple that was complaining about luggage problems they were having and I guess a light bulb just went off,” explains Todd Kempinger, co-founder of The Luggage Club.

Designed for any kind of traveler, this type of luggage delivery eliminates the hassle of long lines at luggage security check-in counters, baggage claim carousels and time-consuming delays in customs by avoiding those speed bumps altogether.

Unlike most airlines, The Luggage Club does not put limits on the size, weight or number of bags to be delivered and provides service to more than 220 countries worldwide.

The Luggage Club’s partnership with FedEx ensures your bags will be delivered to almost anywhere you want within the time frame you desire.

The web-based company allows visitors to get instant quotes on luggage delivery depending on the weight and destination. It also allows them to track the status of their luggage, schedule a luggage delivery, select a membership package, view upcoming specials and purchase gift cards.

So how much does shipping your baggage cost? Well, it depends on your destination, the number of bags and the weight of each bag or piece of equipment that you are sending. For example, one duffel bag weighing 45 pounds shipped from Madison, Wis., to Austin, Texas costs about $150. To find more accurate rates for specific baggage and equipment, log onto www.theluggageclub.com.

Many satisfied customers are pleased with the service and the competitive pricing. One happy customer wrote, “I was especially glad to use a local Wisconsin company. For the money, the service we received was great. I will recommend.”

Business travelers should especially be aware of this service. Since time management is crucial and there is no time for lost or stolen baggage, The Luggage Club can help make every business trip go a bit easier. Corporate equipment and goods for meetings, tradeshows, presentations, and other events can be shipped safely and on time by simply scheduling a delivery online or by phone.

And if you are a frequent traveler, you could be eligible for one of the cost-savings packages. Not only will you get cheaper deals if you opt into a package, but you will receive a monthly newsletter and other great travel information to make your trips that much more of a breeze.

The Luggage Club also caters to those with special needs. Wheelchairs, walkers and other limited mobility devices can be shipped at discounted prices to accommodate disabled persons and provide cost-saving and reliable delivery options to ensure added convenience.

With all the security regulations in place today, the door-to-door luggage delivery service is gaining popularity. Not only can you skip through long lines at various checkpoints in the airport, but you are not stuck lugging anything around either. Luggage delivery could just be the latest trend in stress-free, expedient travel.

“We are hoping that by the end of next year everyone knows about us. We are expanding and getting larger all the time,” Kempinger said. “Through our new, very extensive marketing campaign and word-of-mouth we hope to achieve this. Ultimately we want to change the way people travel.”

Schultz is a student in the UW-Madison Department of Life Sciences Communication.