WisBusiness: ESolutionsOnline aims to give small firms a competitive edge

Petty S. Dierckx

BROOKFIELD — While sitting in an economics lecture at the UW-Milwaukee, Ciro Gamino realized that after only two years of college, he was ready to build his career in the real world. The theory he was learning in class seemed meaningless compared to the reality he lived while already running his own business.

Today, Gamino’s entrepreneurial spirit lives through his Brookfield internet marketing start-up company, which he has catapulted into the new wave of small business marketing and communication tools.

ESolutionsOnline.com gives businesses a competitive edge by boosting their internet marketing strategies and providing a sharp web design. The company seeks to provide an advantage for small- and medium-sized businesses that may not have the resources to build their own web sites.

“We offer special features and very modern tools to help small businesses level the playing field,” said Gamino, the company’s CEO and president. “The Internet is always going to be the forefront of any business.”

Guided by this philosophy, Gamino is trying to differentiate his firm as a “web design and development company that offers small and medium businesses the opportunity to incorporate multimedia into their websites in order to optimize the customer’s experience.”

Established in 2004, ESolutionsOnline.com has more than 60 clients in Wisconsin, most of which are in a 50-mile radius of their Brookfield headquarters. There are five employees in addition to Gamino.

“My business comes from hosting websites, which creates a residual income,” Gamino said. “Building up the client base is the bread-and-butter of our business.”

Gamino sees the Internet as a growth engine for his clients – and his company.

“My dream has been to build my own business from the ground up – to create a dynasty in an industry that will sustain itself in its market,” he said. “The future is all on-line.”

At 15, Gamino said he went into business teaching people how to work out of their homes. A strong work ethic and a motivation to go above-and-beyond the competition continue to drive him.

“It’s all about desire and passion. I do the things that others wouldn’t in order to get the things that others don’t,” he said. That often means long hours for him and his staff, but “in another two years, the business is going to come back 10-fold. That’s why I’ve made sacrifices now.”

The fruits of their labor are beginning to show as eSolutionsOnline.com’s business picks up and the company begins to market itself through reputation and word-of-mouth advertising. One employee also focuses on gaining clients through sales calls. “Soon we will be launching a marketing campaign that puts Gieko to shame,” Gamino joked.

Gamino said his goals include national offices – and beyond. “Why not?” he asked, “the internet is the world-wide web!”

Dierickx is a student in the UW-Madison Department of Life Sciences Communication.