WisBuisness: State unemployment rate falls


Wisconsin’s unadjusted unemployment rate for SeptemberDepartment of Workforce Development was 4.6 percent, down from the 4.9 percent in August.

State Department of Workforce Development Secretary Roberta Gassman said he national rate for September fell to 4.5 percent from 4.6 percent in August.

She said the start of school and changing weather across the state were among the factors influencing Wisconsin’s labor market last month.

Total Wisconsin non-farm jobs increased 3,600 to 2,899,500 from August to September 2007. Private sector jobs fell over-the-month by 22,000, led by a drop in Leisure & Hospitality jobs, which were down 12,000.

Most of the month’s increase came from a rise in Government jobs, which were up 25,600. Most of that increase, 20,900, came from teachers and staff returning to school and the impact on local government. See release at http://wisbusiness.com/index.iml?Article=107925