Wineke Calls on GOP to Join Democrats, Ease Pain at the Pump

Gas Prices Exceeding $3.50 per Gallon in many Wisconsin Communities


MADISON – With gasoline prices soaring to $3.50 per gallon heading into Memorial Day weekend, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Joe Wineke today called on the state’s Republican Congressional delegation to help ease the pain at the pump for Wisconsin’s families. [Source: AAA Fuel Gauge Report,]


Yesterday in the House of Representatives, Democrats defied a veto threat from Presiden Bush and led the charge to pass the Federal Price Gouging Prevention Act of 2007. The bill, which passed 284-141, would protect Americans from price gouging at the pump and set America on the path toward lower gas prices – implementing tough new measures to investigate and punish those who are artificially inflating the price of gasoline. The Bush Administration’s veto threat and the fact that most Republicans, including Congressmen Paul Ryan and James Sensenbrenner, voted against the bill shows that the Republican Party remains beholden to Big Oil.


“While Republicans continued to stand with the special interests, our Democratic Congressional Delegation showed they have the will and tenacity to stand up to the Bush Administration and pass a bill that will lower gas prices and help break our addiction to foreign oil,” Wineke said. “Paul Ryan and James Sensenbrenner voted today to support price-gouging at the pump, and Wisconsin drivers will be the ones who suffer.”


Wineke also praised the efforts of Governor Jim Doyle, who joined 16 other Democratic Governors this week to sign a letter calling on President Bush to take action on gas prices. The letter outlines the efforts of Democratic Governors across the country who are investigating price gouging, investing in alternative sources of energy, and rolling back oil and gas subsidies, and the federal government owes it to working families to do the same.


“Governor Doyle and Democrats in Congress are delivering on their promise to take real action to reduce gas prices and make America energy independent,” Wineke concluded. “That’s what the American people want, that’s what they’ve voted for, and that’s the brand of leadership they’re getting with Democrats.”


The full text of the Governors’ letter can be found here: