Tropical Traditions Announces New Grass-fed Lamb and Pastured Organic Turkeys

WEST BEND, Wis., Oct. 11 /PRNewswire/ — Tropical Traditions announced today that they have added grass-fed lamb to their Grass Fed Traditions brand product line. The 100% grass-fed lamb are from small-scale family farms in Wisconsin. The sheep graze on lush pasture all summer long in the rolling hills of the “Driftless Area” of southwestern Wisconsin. The Driftless Area of Wisconsin is famous around the world because it is completely surrounded by glaciated territory. It preserves a large sample of what the rest of Wisconsin, as well as northern and eastern United States, were like before the Glacial Period. The Driftless Area is driftless because of three factors: 1. The highland to the north furnished temporary protection from ice invasion; 2. The more rapid movement of glacial lobes in the lowland to the east and the region to the west resulted in the final joining of these ice lobes south of the Driftless Area, so that it was completely surrounded by the continental glacier; 3. The termination of the forward movement and the beginning of retreat came before there was time for the ice from the north, east and west to cover the driftless remnant. The result is a unique geographical area of rolling hills that the early settlers of Wisconsin recognized was especially well-suited for grazing. Today many small-scale family farms still graze this rich soil, and some of the most world-renown artisan cheeses are also from this rich agricultural area of Wisconsin. Grass-Fed Traditions now offers premium grass-fed lamb from this same rich area of Wisconsin, delivered directly to the customer’s home.

Last week Tropical Traditions also announced that it was now taking pre- orders for organic turkeys raised on pasture and Cocofeed. The turkeys will ship directly to consumers’ homes before November 14th. The turkeys were also raised in the same area of Wisconsin, in the Driftless Area, by small-scale family farmers. The Cocofeed fed to these pastured turkeys is a variation of the Cocofeed developed by Tropical Traditions last year for their pastured chickens. It contains no soy, and includes the pulp from organic coconuts in the Philippines, a traditional animal feed ingredient historically used in the tropics and approved by the FDA as an animal feed. Coconut pulp has been listed in the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials, Official Publication) as early as 1955. Tropical Traditions is believed to be the only company currently offering organic pastured poultry that is raised on a feed that does not include soy as the main protein.

Grass-fed lamb and pastured turkeys are sold on the website. They are not currently available in any stores.

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