TireStamp: Vehicle Monitoring Systems Enters TireStamp’s TPMS Partner Program

DELEFIELD, Wis.– TireStamp today announced that it had entered into a TPMS Partnership Agreement with Vehicle Monitoring Systems, the North American marketing and sales channel partner for ORANGE Electronic Co., Ltd., a leader in the development of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) products in Taiwan.

Vehicle Monitoring Systems and TireStamp will integrate the entire family of ORANGE TPMS products for the North American market under the LiveTire brand. Sensors for passenger vehicles, SUVs and VANs have been installed by many Asian OEM manufacturers, including China Motors (Mitsubishi Motor Taiwan), Yu-Long Motors (Nissan Motor Taiwan) and Ford Motor Company of Taiwan. TireStamp will also integrate a new line of ORANGE developed commercial TPMS sensors for Light, Medium and Heavy duty class trucks for the North American market that monitor both tire pressure as well as temperature.

“We have been tracking the ORANGE TPMS products closely in the Asian market for several years and are pleased to be working with Vehicle Monitoring Systems here in North America. Our strong automotive and commercial aftermarket fleet presence provides a wide base of opportunity for the LiveTire products, which integrate well with our TireVigil(TM) solutions,” said Scott Feagan, TireStamp’s CEO.

David Hinds, Vehicle Monitoring Systems President said “We are pleased to be a value-added supplier of our advanced passenger and commercial TPMS sensors to TireStamp. Working together with TireStamp provides additional channels for our products to be sold in many telematics and OEM solutions through their distribution channels.”

The ORANGE passenger LiveTire TPMS product was recently awarded the SEMA Best New Product of the Year for 2007.

The TireStamp TireVigil(TM) products allows fleets to collect, analyze and report on tire-generated data from vehicles with on-board Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems. Tire data is analyzed utilizing industry performance algorithms and reports and alerts are generated that provide fleets with: tire performance data by tire manufacturer, type and size, by vehicle, by terminal or across entire fleets, geographical areas of operation, and details a tires tread wear history, operating temperature, pressure, retread history and provides complete maintenance and failure summaries.

TireVigil(TM) is sold through telematics suppliers, telecos and OEMs who license the TireVigil(TM) components from TireStamp. Benefits to fleets include: cost savings through reduced enroute delays, extended tire life, increased retreading, improved tire performance, increased driver retention, better fuel utilization, improved tire inventory management and increased fleet safety.

About TireStamp

TireStamp is the leading tire monitoring and tire asset management systems supplier to commercial fleets, tire and automotive OEMs and to telematics and telecommunications companies. As an asset intelligence company, it collects and analyzes tire data on passenger and commercial vehicles. TireStamp provides expertise on tires and their effects on operational costs, tire life-cycle management, vehicle safety, fuel efficiency, asset management and other critical performance data. Its TireVigil(TM) products allow fleets to reduce tire and fuel costs in addition to improving operations and fleet safety. For additional information visit

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About Vehicle Monitoring Systems

Vehicle Monitoring Systems is the North American marketing and sales channel partner for ORANGE Electronic Co., Ltd., a leader in the development of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) products in Taiwan. Vehicle Monitoring Systems products are sold under the LiveTire Tire Pressure Monitoring System brand name in the USA. Vehicle Monitoring Systems is focused on bringing innovative automotive products to North America that drive better tire visibility and safety to its customers.

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