Reduce Your Healthcare Costs by Sharing Experiences to Earn Portion of $150 Million with HealthLat

Through a Patent-Pending Service at HealthLat, Individuals Who Have Undergone Medical Treatments Are Able to Share Experiences with Others Seeking First-Hand Personalized Information and Make Significant Earnings

MADISON, Wis.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Healthcare costs for patients can be reduced. HealthLat ( has introduced a novel service where individuals can offset their healthcare costs by sharing their first-hand treatment experiences through a secure website.

First-hand experiences are the most telling but often unavailable to patients anticipating a treatment. By collecting experiences of others, prospective patients are able to learn and anticipate the effects of treatment even if they differ from medical community reports.

HealthLat uses templates created from clinical guidelines to gather experiences of 5,000+ drugs, surgeries and tests from patients. Individuals interested in learning about a treatment can purchase an experience report. Each report compiles a large number of up-to-date, genuine experiences on a particular treatment and is tailored to specific prospective patients.

Americans always want the most up-to-date information about treatments – preferably from reliable and comparable sources who have already tried it, says Johnson Chen, a founder of HealthLat and previously a senior in the health care sector of Deloitte Consulting. Were meeting their needs and putting money back in the pocket of those willing to share.

On average, every American has at least fifteen medical treatments each year. If 10% of Americans buy a report for a treatment, with a total of 300 million Americans and a report $5 each, annual revenues of this service from HealthLat can easily top $150 million.

HealthLat shares 50% of gross revenues generated by this service with registered users. Users profit when they submit a new experience to HealthLat and when their stored experience is included in a report. Their earnings continue as long as information is relevant to others.

About HealthLat

HealthLat ( was created by a healthcare industry veteran and a data-mining expert. The company is devoted to bringing consumers the full spectrum of information they need to make educated medical decisions as well as lowering the healthcare cost of those willing to share their experience in medical treatments.