RedPrairie Automates Learning Management across Retail, Supply Chain and Manufacturing Operations

Renee Truttmann
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MILWAUKEE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–RedPrairie Corporation, a world leading consumer driven optimization company, announced as part of its 2007 general release the integration of eLearning capabilities into the RedPrairie® Supply Chain Execution suite. This integration extends the blended learning functionality developed for fast-paced retail store operations to supply chain and manufacturing, providing a common view and tool set for labor optimization across the enterprise.

Through this integration, organizations can “attain and maintain” optimal levels of employee performance, as well as reinforce safety and accuracy procedures. This is possible through the implementation of RedPrairie’s Preferred Methodssm, which are sustained over time by regular intervals of employee reinforcement.

Explains Tom Kozenski, RedPrairie vice president product strategy, “Typically companies provide training on preferred methods when they implement workforce or performance management systems. But employees, supervisors, equipment and processes all change over time, which can cause degradation in employee performance. By providing automated monitoring of employee training programs and learning milestones, supervisors are alerted when training and observations are due. RedPrairie’s Learning Management ensures the underlying sources of performance improvement are maintained, providing a key driver for enterprise labor optimization.”

RedPrairie’s Learning Management solution blends computer-based eLearning courses with classroom training and on-the-job observations and coaching for a holistic approach more suitable for today’s multi-tasking workforce. The supporting technology simplifies course creation and administration, and provides self-paced learning at work or from home. Completion of each eLearning milestone is recorded and can be compared to subsequent performance changes to evaluate the effectiveness of course content, instructors, course delivery options and other factors impacting the return on training investment.

“Integrating Workforce Management with Learning Management provides a powerful tool for sustaining gains in productivity, accuracy and safety across the enterprise,” says Kozenski. “This automated and effective approach takes labor optimization to a whole new level not previously available.”

About RedPrairie Corporation

RedPrairie is a world leading consumer driven optimization company. Built on an advanced Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) developed over the past 10 years, the RedPrairie integrated suite of solutions offers on-demand capabilities to over 25,000 sites worldwide for many of the world’s largest companies.

RedPrairie’s E2e™ solutions synchronize people and products throughout the customer buying cycle to ensure goods reach the right place at the right time. At the point of sale, this means consumers have access to desired products and that the store is staffed with the right people to help them make their purchases. In the production cycle, it means suppliers and manufacturers time and synchronize shipments and production based on demand signals from the retailer. And in the back room of the store, it means having the least amount of inventory, solving the “last yard” problem of the retail supply chain.

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