Quincy Bioscience Announces Jellyfish Supplement with Science Fights the Process of Aging

MADISON, Wis.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Quincy Bioscience, LLC, a biotechnology company based in Madison, announced today the entry of Prevagen into the consumer marketplace.

After more than a decade of research, Prevagen is the first product available that is specifically designed to fight the aging process by utilizing a calcium-binding protein found in jellyfish to replace age-fighting proteins lost in the normal process of aging.

Mark Y. Underwood, president of Quincy Bioscience, said he is excited for this launch because after more than twelve years of research our product is now available to help people. Marketing plans include a national television campaign and ecommerce efforts en route to national retailer distribution.

Interest in our first new product has been overwhelming. As people realize how simple it is, and how well it works. We all lose these types of proteins as we grow older and our jellyfish supplement replaces them, thus fighting the aging process. People describe the effects as an increase in concentration or focus, and they are more energetic with more mental sharpness. Underwood said.

Studies conducted by Quincy Bioscience in conjunction with scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee have shown that the jellyfish protein aequorin results in a significant reduction of brain cell death in their animal studies. Prevagen was developed from Quincy Biosciences platform technology that was originally solely aimed at treating diseases like Alzheimers.

Prevagen is unique in the health benefits it provides, he explained. It is the first dietary supplement that addresses the core problem of the aging process. Our brain cells can die if we dont have these proteins like those found in the jellyfish. It would be like not having a surge protector on your computer.

As a member of this protein family, aequorin interacts with calcium and regulates the actions of critical processes that control the health of the cells involved in learning and memory, focus and concentration. In the brain, calcium levels affect neural cell health and calcium-binding proteins play a protective role. Yet, as we age, the levels of this protein naturally diminish, and Prevagen works to replace those proteins and ensure optimal brain function.

Underwood recently published Gift from the Sea: How a Protein from Jellyfish Fights the Aging Process, a book that tells the story behind Quincy Bioscience and the research leading to the development of Prevagen. The book is available at Amazon.com. For more information please visit: www.prevagen.com and www.quincybioscience.com.