PSC Commissioner Bert Garvin Announces Resignation

MADISON –Today, Commissioner Bert Garvin announced his resignation from the Public

Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC), after serving nearly 6 years on the three-member

utility oversight body, effective February 23, 2007. Commissioner Garvin recently returned to

the Commission last fall after a one year deployment in Iraq for the Wisconsin Army National


“Bert Garvin has been an excellent Commissioner at the PSC and I thank him for his service and

dedication to this state and to this country,” said Governor Jim Doyle. “Bert recently left his

family to serve in Iraq and, like so many others serving overseas, he represents the very best in

Wisconsin. During Bert’s tenure, we have strengthened the reliability of our state’s energy

system, putting Wisconsin in position to grow for decades to come. I want to thank Bert for all

his leadership, and I wish him and his family the very best.”

PSC Chairperson Dan Ebert recognized Commissioner Garvin for his service at the PSC,

especially his leadership in the development of regional wholesale energy markets at the

Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator (MISO). “Commissioner Garvin has been

a leader nationally in making sure the new regional energy wholesale markets would operate

correctly and fairly and that Wisconsin ratepayers would be protected.” In 2005, Commissioner

Garvin served as Vice-President of the Organization of MISO States, representing fourteen states

and a Canadian province on issues regarding MISO and the new regional wholesale energy


In addition to his work on MISO, Commissioner Garvin made a number of major energy

decisions that significantly changed the energy marketplace in Wisconsin. Some of those

decisions include the creation of Wisconsin’s stand-alone transmission company, implementation

of the state’s renewable portfolio standard and over $4 billion in new transmission and

generation facilities to meet the state’s growing demand for energy.

In his letter to the Governor, Garvin said, “I am grateful for the opportunity I have been given to

serve as a member of this Commission over the past six years. I leave with a deep appreciation

for public service and admiration for the many exceptional colleagues I have had the pleasure to

work with during my tenure here.”