Potawatomi Tribe Purchases Advancia Corporation

MILWAUKEE, Jan. 16 /PRNewswire/ — The Potawatomi Business Development Corporation (PBDC) announced today the purchase of Advancia Corporation of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The purchase of Advancia allows the Forest County Potawatomi Tribe of Wisconsin to participate in the Federal Government contracting arena at a new level.

“The purchase of Advancia offers the Potawatomi Capital Company, a division of PBDC, the opportunity to pursue government contracts and add to the capabilities of our other acquisitions,” said Carol Leese, Potawatomi Business Development Corporation CEO. “Advancia’s expertise, corporate culture, management team have great synergy with our organization.”

Advancia provides information systems, engineering, logistics, environmental, training, and research and systems analysis to clients in the defense, aviation, and homeland security markets.

“Advancia has 25 years of successful government contracting history and has successfully participated in preference contracting afforded to minority and other special designations,” said Rudy Alvarado, Advancia’s President and CEO. “Being 100% tribally owned is a unique advantage to further accelerate the growth of the Potawatomi tribe.”

Advancia will continue to operate at 14 locations across the U.S., under its current management.

“Since 1982 we have performed on more than 450 contracts. Advancia is a proven performer with a business infrastructure that allows us to smoothly navigate the complex intricacies of Federal contracting,” Alvarado added. “Our expertise and new tribal-owned status are a powerful combination.”

“We already have a unique and strong relationship with the Federal Government,” said James Crawford, Potawatomi Business Development Corporation Board Chair. “Having Advancia as part of our team furthers our goal to diversify beyond gaming,” he added.

About Advancia

Since 1982, Advancia Corporation has undertaken and solved complex, demanding, high-technology problems on more than 450 contracts for its State and Federal Government clients. Privately held since its inception, Advancia successfully graduated from the 8(a) minority contract preference program in 2000. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, the company has 14 locations throughout the United States and was recognized by the U.S. Department of Commerce as its National Minority Service Firm of the Year in 2005.

About the Potawatomi Business Development Corporation

The Potawatomi Business Development Corporation is owned and operated by the Forest County Potawatomi Tribe of Wisconsin. The Corporation seeks to diversify Potawatomi business interests beyond gaming in an effort to secure the future of the Potawatomi tribe for the next 7 generations and beyond. In addition to Advancia, other business operations include Potawatomi Design Group, OneProspect Technologies and HCI Logistics. For more information on the Potawatomi Business Development Corporation, visit our website at http://www.potawatomibdc.com/.