Piggly Wiggly Goes No Trans

Piggly Wiggly corporate Locations Switch To Whole Harvest No-Trans Fat Oil

SHEBOYGAN, Wisc., April 2 /PRNewswire/ — Piggly Wiggly’s stores have taken a bold stance by making a healthy switch to No-Trans Fat, Whole Harvest Culinary Oils. Many franchise-operated locations have also moved to Whole Harvest.

Fresh Brands has 25 corporate Piggly Wiggly stores located in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa. The delis are using Whole Harvest for frying chicken, fish and potatoes.

Jim Van Sickle, Director of Deli/Bakery, is enthusiastic about the addition of Whole Harvest to Piggly Wiggly’s delis. “We’ve had tremendous success with consumer satisfaction after the switch to Whole Harvest. It’s improved the quality of our fried food,” said Van Sickle. “We’re proud to provide our customers with healthier and better tasting selections from our delis.”

Fresh Brands’ announcement comes amidst a backdrop of nationwide concerns regarding the dangers of trans fats. Last year, the New York City Board of Health passed a regulation banning partially hydrogenated frying oils. State legislators in Michigan and Maryland have recently proposed bills banning trans fats, and Los Angeles, Chicago and Austin are just a few of the many cities considering going trans fat free. In February, Philadelphia’s city council unanimously passed an ordinance to eliminate artificially produced and heart-attack-inducing trans fat.

In response, the foodservice industries have begun to look for low to no trans fat products which still hold up to traditional oils for flavor, feel and performance. Many are turning to Whole Harvest for its all-natural approach that does not involve hexane, a flammable solvent typically used in the production of most commercial cooking oils.

In addition to being all-natural, the Whole Harvest line of commercial culinary oils is not hydrogenated, the process that actually creates harmful trans fats that have been shown to play a key role in the development of heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Whole Harvest also has an extended fry life in comparison to traditional oils.

“The Whole Harvest line of cooking oils offers a unique alternative to the standard cooking oils used throughout the restaurant and food preparation industries,” said Earl Ellis, Chairman of Whole Harvest. “We unequivocally believe we have the very best product on the market and commend Fresh Brands for making a healthy switch.”

For information on Piggly Wiggly, visit www.shopthepig.com. For more information on Whole Harvest, contact Blake Hardin (919) 232-5080 or visit www.wholeharvest.com.