Modine Launches Two New Chillers

— LogiCool and OptiChill Lines Reduce Energy Consumption —

RACINE, Wis.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Modine Manufacturing Company (NYSE: MOD), a diversified leader in thermal management technology and solutions, announced today that its Airedale business unit in Leeds, UK, has launched two new chiller lines that reduce energy consumption and offer increased efficiency, greater flexibility, and improved cooling capabilities. LogiCool, with the benefit of its small size, is primarily used in data centers, while OptiChill offers flexibility and significant capacity for use in a broad range of commercial and industrial applications.

With the launch of the LogiCool and OptiChill lines, Modine offers products which maximize efficiency and provide the highest attainable energy savings for the end user, said Tom Cromwell, Managing Director, Commercial Products. These next generation chillers demonstrate our commitment to provide climate-friendly cooling solutions for our customers that reduce energy consumption, and effectively meet their diverse cooling needs. The new chillers combine advanced Airedale control technology with highly efficient components, offering optimized systems to the marketplace.

LogiCool, believed to be the smallest free-cooling chiller in the UK (20 kW to 40 kW), has the ability to match the cooling capacity to the exact load required, eliminating energy wasted in unnecessary cooling. LogiCool significantly reduces life-cycle costs and saves more than 45 percent of the energy consumed by a conventional chiller. The product line offers flexibility in application and provides an expandable, energy-efficient solution for the emerging high-density cooling market, such as the significant heat loads of high-density data center servers.

OptiChill, an outdoor, free-cooling chiller, offers significant capacity per footprint (500 kW to 1100 kW) and incorporates advanced heat exchangers and improved technology to enhance system performance, reduce energy usage, and lower noise levels. OptiChill is included on the UK Energy Technology List which enables end-users to obtain tax incentives for purchasing energy efficient equipment.

About Modine

Founded in 1916, with fiscal 2007 revenues from continuing operations of $1.8 billion, Modine specializes in thermal management systems and components, bringing highly engineered heating and cooling technology and solutions to diversified global markets. Modine products are used in light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles, HVAC equipment, industrial equipment, refrigeration systems, fuel cells and electronics. Based in Racine, Wisconsin, the company has approximately 7,700 employees at 34 facilities in 15 countries worldwide. For information about Modine, visit