Mobile VoIP Pioneer Rebtel Announces New Pricing Structure

MILWAUKEE and STOCKHOLM, Sweden, April 24 /PRNewswire/ — Rebtel Inc. a leading provider of VoIP telephony, today announced a new pricing program that will provide millions of mobile phone users with the ability to make free or low-priced international calls to more than 36 countries around the world, reaching over 1.3 Billion people. By using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to connect pre-assigned local numbers, Rebtel allows its customers to make international calls on the go, regardless of the model of their phone, and, without the use of any special hardware or downloads. In addition, there is no fee to sign up to use the service.

  The way Rebtel works is simple:

1. Sign up for free at
2. Create a local Rebtel number for the all of the international contacts
the Rebtel member dials frequently;
3. Whenever user wants to speak to their friends, they would dial the pre-
assigned number at a low per minute fee;
4. For completely free calls, the Rebtel member should ask the answering
party to hang up and call back the local number displayed on their
caller ID, if caller ID is not available, Rebtel could send an SMS to
their phone;
5. Originator of the call stays on the line and a couple of seconds later,
they other party will join the call;
6. Now both are making local calls, and if they use their mobile plan’s
inclusive minutes, the international call is free;
7. Talk for as long as the mobile battery holds out.

Available in more than 36 countries, Rebtel members are entitled to ten free international calls every month free of charge. Any additional calls will be charged at a low per minute free ranging on average from 2 – 20 cents a minute depending on the country being dialed. For example, while a local carrier will charge between 9 cents and 26 cents per minute, a Rebtel call from the United States to Mexico would cost 2 cents per minute without the call back option; calls to the United Kingdom from the U.S. would cost 2 cents per minute to land lines and 23 cents per minute to mobiles. Unlike other leading peer-to-peer online telephone services, Rebtel users do not need to sit anywhere near a PC or use a WiFi connection to make low cost or free international calls call.

“We wanted to build a service that would allow mobile phone users around the world to talk to one another for free, liberated from exorbitant charges and from being chained to your PC. We make VOIP calling as simple as dialling a number on your mobile,” said Souheil Badran, Rebtel’s President and General Manager of Americas.

About Rebtel

Rebtel Networks AB is a new global voice services company for individuals, micro-business professionals and cord-cutters inside small and large businesses, who regularly call international suppliers, customers, partners, their workforce, or friends and family abroad. Unlike the large mobile telecom carriers that charge exorbitant rates to recoup their high costs, Rebtel offers consumers ultra-low rates for global calling by making all calls local.

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