MIT Club of Wisconsin to meet at Quintessence

The MIT Club of Wisconsin Annual Meeting will be Saturday, June 16, at
Quintessence Biosciences, Inc., 505 S. Rosa Road, Madison.

Quintessence, the club’s 2007 MIT Club of Wisconsin Technology Achievement Award
Small Company Winner, will be hosting the club’s annual meeting and providing a
presentation of their business and technology as well as a tour of their
labs and facilities. The business meeting will start at 2:00
PM and the tour will follow at approximately 2:30 PM.

The business segment of this year’s annual meeting will be different from
past years due to changes to the Club’s bylaws ratified last fall. Although
the meeting is open to all, to vote for the 2007-08 board of directors you
must become a 2007-08 club member by paying next year’s dues at (or prior
to) the meeting.

For your convenience, you may register for the meeting and pay dues with
one click (and a credit card) using SmarTrans at:

* Quintessence, founded in 2003 is an early stage bio-pharmaceutical
company based on the discoveries of Drs. Ronald Raines, ‘80 and Laura Kiessling,
‘83 at the University of Wisconsin and licensed through WARF. One Quintessence
product in preclinical testing is EVade™ Ribonucleases, which kills cancer
cells by a novel mechanism – destruction of RNA.

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