Miron Construction wins state recycling award for efforts on UW-Whitewater campus

WHITEWATER ­Recovering more than 11,000 pounds of wood, cans, bottles and
office paper have earned Miron Construction the ³Big Diverter ² award for
the demolition of Baker, Salisbury and White Halls on the University of
Wisconsin-Whitewater campus.

To some extremes, UW-Whitewater looks to become the flagship university for
the recycling of construction and demolition debris. ³More universities will
be doing what UW-Whitewater has done,² Adel Tabrizi, director of the Bureau
of Architecture and Engineering for the Wisconsin Department of
Administration, said. Moreover, in the foreseeable future, Gov. Jim Doyle
will mandate that all construction and demolition debris will be recycled
for state projects.

Present at the award ceremony were Interim Chancellor Telfer and College of
Business and Economics¹ Dean Christine Clements, and Randy Marnocha, vice
chancellor of administrative affairs.

³It feels good to have our campus recognized for something positive,²
Marnocha said. The removal of the two residence halls and the academic
building makes room for the new College of Business and Economics building,
which is scheduled to open in fall 2009.

Miron Construction was honored at WasteCap¹s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Awards
(R3) at the Lussier Family Heritage Center in Madison, Oct. 17. WasteCap is
a private nonprofit organization, which provides waste reductions and
recycling assistance to businesses and institutions throughout the state of
Wisconsin. Since its inception, WasteCap has worked with its partners to
recycle more than 225 million pounds of construction debris.