Minhas Craft Brewery helping bring life back to normal for New Orleaners

Monroe, Wisconsin, February 15, 2006 Minhas Craft Brewery announced the signing of a contract with Dixie Brewing Company to brew and package their beers at its Brewery located in the Southern Wisconsin town of Monroe. 


Hurricane Katrina devastated the New Orleans area on August 29, 2005.  The historic Dixie Brewery on Tulane Avenue in New Orleans, located just a block from the famous French Quarter area, was submerged in 10 foot of water by the Hurricane and was extensively looted shortly thereafter – leaving it inoperable.  The Brewery still has no electricity.  The 100-year-old Dixie beer brands have been unavailable to the consumers since August 2005.  Just before the damage by Katrina, Dixie Beers sold over 700 000 cases of its beers in 20 states.


Joe Bruno, the President and Owner of the Dixie Brewing Company looked at dozens of breweries across the United States to brew and package his beers.  After extensive discussions, he chose the Minhas Craft Brewery to produce his World Class Beers, made from historic recipes.


Dixie Brewery beers will be re-launched on February 20, coinciding with the beginning of Mardi Gras in 2007.


Ravinder Minhas (25 years old) purchased the 2nd oldest Brewery in the United States (the former Joseph Huber Brewing Company) on October 3, 2006, making him the youngest commercial brewery owner in the world.