Minhas Craft Brewery Cuts Ribbon and Breaks Ground

Monroe, Wisconsin, April 25, 2007 – A historic event for the Minhas Craft Brewery has been planned for today.  The Brewery has installed a new 24 oz can line which will continue to expand the Minhas Craft Brewery’s operational capabilities.  Also, a ground breaking ceremony is being held for a  new 24,000 square foot warehouse addition.  These developments total a 1.1 million dollar investment into the Brewery.   Sighted to add jobs and overall capability, Secretary Burke of the State of Wisconsin will be at the brewery and will be making a few comments commemorating these additions. 


The 24 oz can line will be used for new beer and energy drink lines.  New beers to be packaged on this line include Lakeshore Creek, Axehead, Kick Axe and iEnergy. 


The 24,000 square foot addition to the warehouse will greatly increase the growing brewery’s storage capabilities.  This space will allow the brewery to streamline production capacity which will decrease overall production costs along with allowing the brewery to efficiently move it’s beers and sodas to the consumers.