New Website Links to Experienced Consultants



May 14, 2007 – Madison, WI.  The Madison Area Business Consultants (MABC) announced its 20th anniversary today and the launch of its updated Website.

MABC, started in the spring of 1987, is a professional association of business consultants located in the greater Madison area who serve local, national and international clients.


With more than 100 members, MABC provides clients with a range of expertise and business acumen unlike any other organization in southern Wisconsin.  They work with clients in a variety of industries such as healthcare, education, manufacturing, biotech, human resources, environmental research, engineering, IT, retail, finance, telecommunications and many others.


According to Eric Brown, a business and financial consultant, and co-leader of MABC for more than 17 years with Larry Smith, “when MABC began 20 years ago with approximately 15-20 members, no one foresaw that it would grow steadily over the years to five times it original size.  As the demand for high level specialized consulting services has grown, so has the supply of consultants to meet the demand.  MABC prides itself on supporting these talented and experienced business consultants in a variety of ways and in promoting their consulting services in the Madison area and throughout the state.”


MABC members’ expertise includes such areas as accounting, marketing, organizational development, information technology, strategic planning, human resources, creative services, workforce development, environmental engineering, etc.


The new Website,, has been re-designed to provide potential clients easy access to MABC’s list of consultants and direct links to their respective Websites.  The consultants are listed by category and by the name of their company.


MABC members meet monthly to offer educational opportunities to fellow members, share business experiences and knowledge, network and collaborate on consulting projects.   Meetings also include an opportunity to “spotlight” a member firm and a guest speaker.


According to Judy Whalen, president of Whalen & Associates, Inc. who joined MABC 10 years ago, “I joined MABC to learn from other consultants.  MABC has enabled me to continue to hone my consulting skills as well as refine the skills I need to operate my business.  While my fellow members have different technical expertise than I do, we all deal with similar issues in providing outstanding service to the client, maximizing our resources, and growing our businesses.  MABC has been a valuable resource for me.”


Featured topics at monthly meetings have included:  business ethics, change management, mergers and acquisitions, information technology issues, market research techniques, marketing and promotion strategy, how to develop a niche, preparing a company for a turnaround, trade show and event marketing, business writing techniques, etc. 


Membership is open to business consultants in southern Wisconsin. For more information visit the new MABC Website at: