Imagine Group to Help Madison Third Graders Discover 150 Years of History

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Imagine Brainwave Technology’s educational media expertise will help Madison schools deliver hometown history online.

Madison Metropolitan School District is partnering with Imagine Brainwave Technology to deliver Web-based support for educators that need to teach new lesson plans on 150 years of Madison history to area third graders. The Madison, Wisconsin educational media consulting firm will also help produce the booklet that is at the heart of the new curriculum.

Madison, Wisconsin, May 30, 2007 — Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) recently enlisted Imagine Brainwave Technology to assist with delivering The History of Madison – The First 150 Years to an estimated 120 teachers and 1,850 third grade students across the district. Experts from the school district, the State Historical Society and Imagine Brainwave Technology will collaborate on the project. The booklet and the Web-based companion curriculum will be developed, piloted and refined over the summer.

Imagine Brainwave Technology – a Madison, Wisconsin educational media consulting firm – will provide instructional support for the MMSD Web site, consult on content delivery, lead the project management, and prepare electronic media for booklet and Web production.

“We’re proud to help share Madison’s history with students here and across the state,” says Plumer Lovelace, Owner of Imagine Brainwave Technology. “Web access for the curriculum means that teachers anywhere from a Madison neighborhood school to the furthest reaches of the state can effectively share the history of our hometown and state capital.”

The lesson plans will feature historical documents, primary sources, artifacts, historical sites within the community and a variety of teaching tactics and media. It will also provide teachers with bibliographies of high-quality text, electronic resources and a personal “bookshelf” researched and verified by professional historians. The Web-based approach to the curriculum guide will provide a self-sustaining environment that can be enhanced, revised, updated and accessed by teachers anywhere at anytime.

“Amazingly, this will offer the first comprehensive Madison history written for the third grade level,” says Susan Hamblin, Madison Metropolitan School District project leader. “Teachers have been asking for this. And the educational media that will be available on the Web ensures a consistent, exciting classroom experience for the kids.”

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