Governor Doyle Proclaims October Energy Awareness Month in Wisconsin



MADISON – Governor Jim Doyle proclaimed October 2007 Wisconsin Energy Awareness Month, highlighting resources that are available across the state to help citizens, businesses, and local governments become more energy efficient. 

“Wisconsin has the potential to lead the country to energy independence,” Governor Doyle said.  “From our farms and fields, to our strong advanced manufacturing sector, to the research and innovation at our businesses and universities, Wisconsin is poised to turn these resources into a powerful new industry and high-paying jobs, and lead the way on energy independence.”


In July 2006, Governor Doyle announced Wisconsin’s “Declaration of Energy Independence” and this year signed Executive Order 192, creating the Wisconsin Office of Energy Independence (OEI).  OEI is leading the state’s effort to generate 25 percent of the state’s electricity and transportation fuels from renewable resources by 2025, capture 10 percent of the emerging bioindustry and renewable energy market by 2030, and facilitate groundbreaking bioenergy research and innovation in Wisconsin.

The Public Service Commission leads the effort on behalf of Governor Doyle to educate citizens on the opportunities available to them through the Wisconsin Focus on Energy program.  Focus on Energy is the award-winning energy efficiency program that shows people in Wisconsin how they can meet their energy-saving needs.  This program alone has saved enough energy to replace 2.3 million barrels of imported oil, the equivalent of 97 million gallons.  Consumers can visit to learn how they can upgrade their homes or businesses.


Wisconsin’s Department of Administration sets the standard for state facilities to save energy dollars, updating over 30 Wisconsin-owned buildings to improve energy management and demand.  A recently completed upgrade of incandescent lights to compact fluorescent fixtures in the Capitol is saving enough energy to light over 30 homes for one year.


Without a state budget, Wisconsin’s ability to harness resources and seize opportunities to achieve energy independence is stalled. The Legislature must continue working together, day and night, continue making compromises, and reach an agreement that keeps Wisconsin on track to lead the way on energy independence.


The Governor’s announcement parallels national energy awareness programs that recognize the importance of energy efficiency and renewable energy.  Energy Awareness Month is a national campaign to recognize energy efficiency as an important tool in reducing the use of petroleum.