Ganitham: launches IT Subcontractor Search Engine: Abet IT

Waukesha, WI – Ganitham is launching a new service called Abet IT on August 1st 2007. It is focused on helping Information Technology consulting companies to conduct subcontracting business.

Information Technology for hire recruiting has become very difficult due to the lack of qualified candidates. Since year 2000, the number of Technical graduates has been reduced by two thirds. Which, many see as the consequences of the Tech Melt Down in 2000-2001, Y2K, and September 11, 2001 event.

Since then IT recruiting has improved each year, until fall of 2005 when the IT Job market became constrained due to a shortage of qualified, experienced programmers, architects, data base experts, and project managers.

The market has been forced to increase the use of existing IT talent. One way to accomplish that is to use contract IT talent. Traditional IT Consulting firms agree to share IT Talent on a contractual basis. This is often called subcontracting OR Corp-to-Corp contracting.

The Problem
Each IT recruiter over time builds an email distribution list, amounting to hundreds or thousands of other recruiters in other IT consulting firms. Job Requirements are emailed out to the whole distribution list in a blast. Also a resume is blasted out when the IT consulting firm has a programmer that is in-between projects. This means tons of emails are being sent and received every day.

For the IT Recruiter, that means fishing through hundreds and often thousands of emails with Job Requirements and Resumes. The Recruiter is searching for a very specific talent or job so they can match their client’s requirement with the needed resource.

The Solution
Eliminate these emails. Quickly and easily load the Job Requirements and Resumes into a searchable data base on the web. It is called Abet IT. Abet is an English word, meaning “to serve”. Abet IT has extensive search capabilities, patterned after best of breed search engines and data base designs. It helps to automate the process of finding a programmer with very specific talent and experience to fill a very specific IT position.

About Ganitham
Ganitham Computer Services is a full service global Information Technology Consulting Company. Ganitham enables our clients to successfully implement their strategic projects with the highest quality, on time and on budget.