Funding for renewable energy reinvigorated by Senate Democratic Caucus

Is third time the charm for Wisconsin’s energy future?

(Madison, WI) – After Assembly Republican members of the Joint Finance Committee shot down two

funding packages that would have provided financing for cutting edge clean energy technologies, Senate

Democrats have now picked up the ball. Their proposed budget includes an increase in the solid waste

tipping fee that would generate revenue targeted at companies and researchers to develop and produce

renewable energy technologies and manufacturing facilities for wind power, energy crops, solar power and


“We are pleased at Clean Wisconsin that the Senate Democrats have resurrected funding for this crucial

piece of Wisconsin’s energy pie”, said Keith Reopelle, Program Director with Clean Wisconsin. “This

funding will create jobs and give Wisconsin businesses an advantage in developing cutting edge clean

energy technologies.”

In his Executive Order issued in April, Governor Doyle announced his energy independence goal of

generating 25 percent of Wisconsin’s electric power and vehicle fuels from renewable resources by the

year 2025. At that same time, he also set a goal to capture 10 percent of the market share for the

production of renewable energy sources by 2030. Achieving this goal would bring $13.5 billion annually

to Wisconsin’s economy by 2030.

“This renewable energy funding will give Wisconsin a big leg up in the development of biofuels, biopower

and bioproducts – areas where we already have a natural advantage because of our terrific agriculture and

forestry resources,” said Reopelle. “The beauty of it is that it does it by bringing in dollars from out-of

state via the solid waste that our neighboring states haul to Wisconsin landfills. And that is good news for

Wisconsin taxpayers.”

Clean Wisconsin, an environmental advocacy organization, protects Wisconsin’s clean water and air and advocates for clean

energy by being an effective voice in the state legislature and by holding elected officials and corporations accountable.

Founded in 1970 as Wisconsin’s Environmental Decade, Clean Wisconsin exposes corporate polluters, makes sure existing

environmental laws are enforced, and educates citizens and businesses. On behalf of its 10,000 members and its coalition

partners, Clean Wisconsin protects the special places that make Wisconsin such a wonderful place to live, work and play.

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