Fuel plant conversion suspended due to concerns over global warming emissions

Potential federal legislation regulating CO2 emissions taken into account

East Dubuque, IL— Plans were suspended earlier this week to build a coal fired fuel conversion plant citing

uncertainty over the cost of dealing with global warming emissions, according to Rentech company officials.

Noting that the project’s original cost had not included technology to deal with global warming emissions,

company officials pointed to potential federal greenhouse gas legislation and the impact it would have on the

facility’s price tag.

Alliant Energy has submitted an application to Wisconsin’s Public Service Commission (PSC) proposing to

build a coal-fired power plant at Cassville, WI, 30 miles north of the Rentek facility. Construction plans

submitted to the PSC for Alliant’s proposed power plant also do not include technology costs for capturing the

global warming emissions.

“Alliant Energy continues to charge ahead with plans to build a coal-fired power plant, ignoring the financial

gamble that they are taking by not addressing the plant’s global warming pollution,” stated Mark Redsten,

Executive Director at Clean Wisconsin. “The plant’s escalating construction costs – which have already

increased twice in just the pre-approval phase – combined with the impending costs of dealing with global

warming emissions, make this proposal a bad energy investment for Wisconsin.”

In terms of global warming emissions, Alliant has selected the worst technology available for coal-fired power

plants. The boiler design chosen by Alliant for the proposed Cassville plant would emit large amounts of

nitrous oxide – a greenhouse gas 298 times more potent than carbon dioxide – giving the plant a global warming

emission rate higher than that of other coal plants in Wisconsin that are 50 years old.

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