Free Trade Movement Launches In Madison

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Madison – Free Trade Stuff launches its website and a new line of free trade-related products today. The new company, formed by three recent University of Wisconsin alums, will focus on apparel in its initial stages. The company hopes to expand its line of products to cater to consumers tired of Fair Trade rhetoric.

“Some people are simply looking for low cost, high quality goods,” said Toby Zutz, a company co-founder. “Not everyone buys into the Fair Trade gimmick. We want to provide our customers with fun, humorous options to make a counter statement.”

The company’s first two t-shirt designs include a red shirt with the slogan “tariffs are for wussies” across the chest and a white shirt with a blue hand logo and the words “You’ve been slapped by The Invisible Hand,” a reference to the work of famous economist Adam Smith.

“It’s a great marriage of wit and intellectual opposition,” said Brad Vogel, another company co-founder. “Surprisingly, there wasn’t already a company doing what we are doing.”

Based in Madison, Free Trade Stuff will vary its pricing in response to online demand for products on a monthly basis, and reinvest a portion of profits in free trade promoting companies.

“We hope our customers find a worthwhile product in our ‘apparel with attitude’,” said Cullen Werwie, a company co-founder.

Free Trade Stuff products are now available for purchase at the company’s website,