FREE Emergency Contact Info to Assist Wildfire Victims and Families

FORT ATKINSON, Wis., Oct. 24 /PRNewswire/ — The Next Of Kin Registry (NOKR) is a FREE emergency contact system developed by the NOKR organization. The organization has initiated contact with the San Diego County Office of Emergency Service and FEMA to offer any assistance possible to help reunify individuals and families displaced by the tragic fires taking place in Southern California.

NOKR is asking anyone that may have a missing or potentially injured family member to register that person with the Next Of Kin Registry.

Register at:

NOKR provides the public a free proactive service to store emergency contacts, next of kin and vital medical information that would be critical to emergency response agencies. Stored information is only accessible via a secure area that is only accessible by emergency public trust agencies that have registered with NOKR.

NOKR is a humanitarian organization. As part of our mission to society NOKR has created a trusted safeguarding system for all personal emergency contacts worldwide. NOKR does not own the information we store, this information belongs to the registrants and is made available securely to registered emergency agencies during times of urgent need.

NOKR encourages every township, county, municipality, city, state and nation to take ownership of the NOKR. This resource belongs to you, your citizens and to your emergency agencies. Take the NOKR registration forms and add your own identifying symbols.

  Information about NOKR can be found at the links below:

State of California Listed on the States Home Page
Information About (Living in California)
Next of Kin
National Next of Kin Registry
US Governments Portal (Under Family Services)
(Next of Kin National Registry)

NOKR’s system is used during daily emergencies and was utilized for the following national and global disasters.

   2007 I-35 Bridge Collapse in Minneapolis, Minnesota 2004 Asian Tsunami
2007 Virginia Tech College Shooting
2006 Indonesia Earthquake
2005 Hurricane Disasters

NOKR is a non-partisan; non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to bridging rapid emergency contact information. NOKR was established in January 2004, for daily emergency situations.

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