For Some, Going Back to School Takes Place at the Kitchen Table or the Local Coffee Shop

High Schoolers Across the State Log On for 2007-08 School Year at Insight School of Wisconsin

GRANTSBURG, Wis., Sept. 5 /PRNewswire/ — Students across the state are piling onto buses and heading back to school this week, but for the hundreds of students that started school today at Insight School of Wisconsin, the classroom was only a click away. Insight School of Wisconsin is a new statewide, full-time, diploma-granting online public high school based out of the Grantsburg School District.

The school was launched during the State’s open enrollment period in February and hundreds of Wisconsin high school students jumped at the chance for increased flexibility and the opportunity for a more personalized education. As Alicia Stone, an incoming student, remarked, “it is increasingly difficult to get one-on-one time with educators in most public school settings — I’m excited about Insight’s class size and mentoring program.”

Insight School of Wisconsin is raising the bar for online education, combining technological tools with strong educators and a unique ‘iMentoring’ program. It also offers great opportunities for students to interact and build community, from face-to-face meeting places to online clubs, to weekly student assemblies. Each student received a laptop and printer and will be virtually attending classes chosen from Insight School’s roster of more than 130 courses across six academic tracks.

Joni Burgin, Superintendent of Grantsburg School District, points out that students are guided through course selection and the development of their personal learning plan by caring and experienced mentors, who offer “a level of personalized mentoring that is unheard of in online education.”

Enrolled students hail from towns throughout Wisconsin, from Wausua to Waukesha, and their reasons for choosing Insight School are as varied as their locations. Students include those whose needs may not be well-served in a traditional school setting: advanced learners, home-schooled students, athletes in training, full-time wage earners, students with health or physical challenges, and those who may have struggled socially in a traditional school.

“Insight School of Wisconsin is not for everyone,” says the school’s Executive Director Jeff Bush, “but for the segment of kids who are self- motivated and in need of some flexibility in their schooling, the online school model can often be the difference between a high school drop-out and a high school graduate.”

About Insight School of Wisconsin: High school students from around the state of Wisconsin are eligible to enroll, tuition-free. The school is made possible through partnership between Insight Schools, Inc. and the Grantsburg School District. For more info, see or call 866-800-0027.

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