First Personal Automation System Medical Device for Clinical Labs

MADISON, Wis.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Promega Corporation announces availability of the first fully integrated Personal Automation System that meets regulatory requirements for clinical diagnostic DNA purification in the United States. The Maxwell® 16 System (photo attached) supports DNA-based tests performed by clinical labs, including sample preparation for human transplantation donor-matching tests done in HLA labs.

Currently, labs can face extreme pressure in delivering test results quickly enough to act on the transplant of an organ while it is still viable. With Maxwell 16, up to 16 DNA samples can be purified simultaneously in about 30 minutes with higher yield and more consistency than similar methods.

Our intent is to support HLA transplant labs in their life-saving work by offering a purification method that handles more samples faster and more accurately than existing manual methods, explains W. Gary Tarpley, Promega Vice President of R&D. “Medical Technologists need to have access to affordable automation that meets regulatory requirements for a general purpose medical device (in the United States) and allows them to deliver test results as quickly as possible.

The Maxwell 16 System is:

  • Optimized for DNA purification of up to 400ul of blood or 500ul of buffy coat
  • Fully integrated with pre-filled cartridges and pre-programmed protocols
  • Designed to prevent cross contamination
  • Manufactured under a system certified to ISO13485:2003, the global medical device quality management standard
  • Fully supported and serviced

A Maxwell 16 System can be ready for work in 15 minutes from delivery, and protocols take the touch of a button to initiate. The Maxwell unit sits on the bench top taking up only as much space as an open lap-top computer. For more information on Maxwell, please visit

About Promega

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