Final Four of Dive Into Dip Videos Now Available at

MILWAUKEE, April 16 /PRNewswire/ — The Dive Into Dip Tour, featuring deans and dean’s list students at four universities competing in Dean’s Dip(R) eating contests, wrapped up last month in Milwaukee. The videos of the four contests at DePaul University in Chicago, University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and Marquette University in Milwaukee are now available at

“These are remarkable individuals demonstrating remarkable dip eating capabilities while at the same time raising thousands of dollars for their school’s scholarship funds,” says Wendy Gillett, the “Dip Diva,” nationally syndicated food columnist and dip etiquette expert who refereed the four contests. “While double dipping, in this one and only instance was allowed, I was impressed by the fact that none of the other ‘dip don’ts’ we list at were violated. All of these deans and dean’s list students are to be commended for their honesty and good sportsmanship when it comes to eating lots of dip during time outs and half times at our contests held during some very exciting basketball games,” Gillett reports.

Milwaukee is the “Dip Capitol of the World” with more dip consumed per person than any other place on earth, according to dip consumption figures released by Dean’s Dip(R), America’s favorite dairy dip. Chicago, Minneapolis and Detroit/ Ann Arbor residents are also large consumers of Dean’s Dip, part of the reason why universities in those cities were chosen for the contests. “Basketball fans are very loyal as are Dean’s Dip fans. We wanted to reward both with a series of fun, delicious and rewarding events. Our Final Four of Dip Diving proved that a bowl of Dean’s Dip and a bag of chips or other dipping devices are all that’s needed to get a special event or party started,” says Gillett.

The March 3rd Marquette v. Pittsburgh game was the final in a “final four” of Dive Into Dip contests which included the Minnesota v. Michigan game at Minneapolis on Saturday, February 24, and the Michigan v. Michigan State game at Ann Arbor on Tuesday, February 27. Three DePaul University deans kicked-off the Dive Into Dip tour on Valentine’s Day during the DePaul v. Marquette game, with DePaul’s Dean of Liberal Arts winning by consuming over 100 grams of Dean’s French Onion Dip within the 45 second contest time period.

The videos of all four events and more information are located at